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Black Friday VS Cyber Monday: What’s a difference to Start!

Written by on December 3, 2019

What’s a difference to start, Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday are different days and there you go. But seriously, you need to know, why their name are so different!! Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


The name suggests may be because one has black color and the other has cyber clung on its name! But it’s not true, both days’ are largest looking days of the year with massive sale numbers. And both days are targeted for marketing strategy by big retailers to make those big bucks and to make more customer networks.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving… that falls on the Friday and has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States since 2005. Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in United States, is usually celebrated on fourth Thursday of November. The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of America’s Christmas shopping season since 1952, although the term “Black Friday” did not become widely used until more recent decades.


Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is already over and the Black Friday too but their partner holiday buster, Cyber Monday is still up and well. And Cyber Monday is most famous for its online deals on, with crazy discount offers and deals offline or online.

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online. The term was coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and Scott Silverman, and made its debut on November 28, 2005, in a Shop.org press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday’ Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”. Cyber Monday takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving, and most often falls in November, but if Thanksgiving is on November 27 or 28, it will fall in December. The date range is November 26 to December 2, and it is always four days after the holiday.


Origin of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Both days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the essence of Thanksgiving and it is the holiday season 0f 2019 in which both were considered too important to begin with. It is older than the Cyber Monday though, as its origin was on Friday, September 24, 1869 and Cyber Monday was on November 28, 2005.


Black Friday has very dark origin as its name suggests which was day when US gold market crashed and Fisk and Gould’s actions left the Wall Street barons bankrupt. But Cyber Monday’s origin is very simple, as the time when the internet was at its prime and personal computers were common in almost all parts of the world. Cyber Monday represents the globalization and modernization also positively influenced to the stage where the people would wait for Cyber Monday, to actually buy the tech stuffs.

Which Day Has Better Deals Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday?


Everyone knows Black Friday is famous for crazy mall fights, and people are also willing to even take huge risk when going for shopping. So mostly the retailers offer crazy deals in both days, for their brand image and long-term transactions.

Deal on Cyber Monday may not be good as Black Friday, but still people feel safe and easy to buy their products, at the ease of access and with one click of button.


Holiday season marked as the best time of the year, for these retailers as well as for people to buy stuffs just to avail the big discount offers and deals.


Cyber Monday sales hit $7.9 billion in 2018, in US according to a new record and a solid increase over 2017. And according to reports, it also edged out Black Friday’s $6.2 billion, which was also a record.

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