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Apple iPhone 6S Launch Date Set For September 9th

Written by on August 7, 2016

Apple’s next iPhone launch date may be September 09, according to rumors. John Paczkowski of Buzzfeed News writes quoting sources that Apple will hold an event the week of September 7th and the date is most likely to be Wednesday, September 09, the same date on which Apple held its event last year.

This fall, Apple’s launches will include an iPhone 6S (most likely, though not confirmed) as well as an updated Apple TV set-top box.

The other product updates that are likely to be announced include updates to the company’s flagging iPad line.

The key product for Apple that earns it most of its revenue and profits is its iPhone line-up and the latest iteration of the smartphone will come bearing a Force Touch enabled display and an updated camera system with a faster A9 processor. Apple’s Android competitors including Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, and OnePlus (to name a few) have cameras with far higher resolution in their flagship phones as well as far higher resolution in their displays.

Apple will be playing catch-up not only in camera specifications but also in RAM and storage. Apple iPhones also have weaker batteries compared to their Android-competitors. Apple is rumored to be going for an even smaller battery for its next-generation iPhone and may opt for software tweaks in its iOS 9 software to ensure that apps consume less power to ensure the phone lasts longer on a single battery charge.

WWDC Apple 100 Billion App Downloads

WWDC Apple 100 Billion App Downloads

Apple’s investors would be keenly looking at the next iPhone and when it becomes available to the public and how it fares in the marketplace. Apple is said to have ramped up its supply chain to produce record initial numbers of the iPhone 6S (assuming that’s what it will be called) as it’s confident that a great majority of current owners of iPhones will go for an upgrade and millions more using Android devices will switch to iPhones with bigger screens.

The Apple stock has gained 20% over the past one year but has been on a losing streak over the past few months after hitting highs of $130.00 on July 20. It ended trading today at $115.52 and the company’s market capitalization is close to $650 billion from a peak of more than $700 billion.

Apple WWDC 2015 Metal

Apple WWDC 2015 Metal

Different analysts have different prognoses for Apple’s future. While some see a slowing down in China where Apple enjoyed great success in the preceding quarters, others say that Apple still remains a highly profitable company and even without continuous “growth,” if it can even maintain its present levels of revenue and profitability, its cash-in-the-bank which is near $200 billion now will only grow. Apple is one incredible outlier of a company that laps up pretty much ALL of the profit made by the smartphone makers of the world.

The Apple juggernaut is slated to go on for many more years to come even if its iPhone sales figures and profit numbers don’t double every year.