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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) — Resurgent On Many Fronts

Written by on February 5, 2015

A resurgent Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) under Satya Nadella is ready to be counted as one of the frontline technology companies of the world again. Microsoft’s story has never been about that of a company going to the brink of disaster before turning the corner but rather it appeared to have lost its way and lost touch with consumer preferences, especially in a mobile-dominated era.

Perhaps the shift to mobiles was too swift for Microsoft. The sudden smartphone revolution that Steve Jobs wrought with the launch of the iPhone back in 2007 blindsided Microsoft which was wedded to desktop computers and stuck with its profitable bread-and-butter Windows and Microsoft Office.

Satya Nadella And Microsoft Transition To The App Universe

After the Steve Ballmer era was over, the new CEO Mr. Nadella has made some major course corrections and taken steps that go against the grain of Microsoft’s culture.

In the smartphone era, it’s all about apps and the dominant operating systems are iOS and Android. Microsoft has at last accepted this reality and under Mr. Nadella released Office for iOS.

Microsoft also acquired Acompli recently which makes email apps for iOS and Android — and is negotiating to invest in Cyanogen which is developing a version of Android.

Now that Microsoft has also acquired Sunrise, a maker of calendar apps for iOS and Android, Microsoft is showing savvy in making acquisitions.

With the coming release of Windows 10, Microsoft will have an attractive ecosystem of productivity tools for office workers — use your iOS or Android powered smartphone on the go and use free Office apps, Sunrise calendar app, Microsoft OneDrive for free online storage, and Accompli for email. In the office, switch to your desktop powered by Windows 10.

Microsoft has also released a preview version of its touch-optimized Office apps for Windows 10. With all this, Microsoft has a comprehensive suite of OS, applications and apps making for a set of robust office productivity tools.

Satya Nadella Loves The Cloud — And Linux

Microsoft’s Azure cloud system is designed to work with open source Linux and Mr. Nadella does not mind proclaiming: ‘Microsoft loves Linux!’

Rackspace became the latest to join the Microsoft Cloud OS Network whose partners operate in more than 90 countries and manage over 2.4 million servers spread across 600 data centers.

With Mr. Nadella’s background of leading the enterprise cloud initiatives of Microsoft — which grew and generated profits for Microsoft — the cloud business will no doubt be a key part of Microsoft’s future.

Microsoft, Apple, Google — The Holy Trinity of Technology?

With Google being the undisputed king of search and online advertising and Apple dominating in consumer hardware, Microsoft is playing an important role with not only its core commercial products but also such things as its Bing search engine and its Cortona assistant.

With the recent announcement of the HoloLens, Microsoft is looking to develop a whole new consumer segment just as Apple is about to launch its Apple Watch to launch a new product category for Apple.